About The Brand

The Martimucci Brand is all about being bold in your own beautiful way. Step outside of your comfort zone, be a risk taker and embrace your power.

Martimucci is a modern handmade jewelry brand that is inspired by the unique beauty of our living earth. There is so much to take in and so much under appreciated beauty all around us. Martimucci highlights the beauty in front of our eyes, big and small.

Martimucci is an eco-conscious Jewelry company. We are taking new steps everyday in our studio practices and beyond to contribute to sustainability


All photos by Alexa Rae Photo|@alexarae.photo

About The Designer

Mary MArtimucci Nadzan

I am a New York girl born and raised. I found my love for creativity as a young girl, drawing in my mom’s studio while she ran her own graphic design business.

I received a BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing at Syracuse University. It’s there that I found my passion for metalsmithing and metal forming. I absolutely love pushing the boundaries of the material and working in large scale. It is such an incredible material with limitless potential.

I find inspiration everywhere and find myself designing on the go every day, not always in the most conventional circumstances. I want my jewelry to make you feel powerful, bold and fearless - all in your own skin.

If I’m not at the bench you can find me at home with my husband, two pups & bunny, snowboarding or paddleboarding.